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Armenian Marketing Club was founded on March 10, 2010. Club got legal registration and status of NGO on August 3,2011. Formed as an enterprise of enthusiastic students, AMC is the most active NGO in the marketing field.Participants of AMC are the best students from leading universities in Armenia,young masters and Armenian marketing experts, who study and work abroad.Participating in club’s projects, members get some opportunities of deal with professionals and leaders of the sphere, which gives them opportunities  to be noticed in the labor market as students.



From the beginning of its establishment AMC has initiated and continues to accomplish different  marketing-related conferences for beginners and professional marketing experts. With efforts of professional development department AMC realizes many projects that tend to motivate marketing students to self-perfection and professionalism. Our organisation promotes adopted  ideas also on the Internet and  provides free services for it’s members-provides with  necessary e-books, responds to professional issues, gives advises to job-seekers. AMC is ready to assist and to publicize  any issue that tramples marketing expert's rights. The activity of AMC effuses from it's values and ideas.



  • Our values - respect, teamwork, honesty, loyalty, professionalism, innovation, responsibility
  • Our mission - to create opportunities for marketing experts who want to become professional and self-perfected specialists with the help of dynamic social activity. 
  • Our vision - we dream to create big community of marketing experts, who will improve quality of consumers’ lives in the whole world.