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Armenian Marketing Club could not pass by such an interesting project in business sphere as “Workshop for Dreams – Developing the business skills of young people with fewer opportunities”. The project unites youth, volunteers and young workers to encourage the European collaboration in the field of entrepreneurship training as well as to help the youngsters with fewer opportunities to acquire business skills.

The goal of the project is to contribute to increasing the suitability for working of the youngsters with fewer opportunities/including those that neither study nor work/ by helping them to acquire and master their entrepreneurial and business skills through the methods of non-formal education and “Studying by doing”.

The organizations involved in the project were the following: Association  ”Brainstorm group”, Bulgaria-project coordinator and a host organization; Jordan Youth Innovation Forum; TERRA DI MEZZO (TDM) 2000 MALTA; Sunflower Youth and Education  Association; Uludag University; Scientific Advisory Center «Consciousness» – Falcogroup; Armenian Marketing Club; ANKA Project Team.

The project target group includes youths in need from 17-30 years of age with fewer opportunities.  It provides one activity-youth exchange in Bulgaria.

The project studies aim at acquiring and developing the following knowledge, skills and competences the youths need: gaining initial knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship, initial knowledge and skills for carrying out marketing research and analyzing the result; working out a business plan; developing skills for turning the creative ideas into constructive innovations; advancing their digital competences; acquiring new language terms regarding the entrepreneurship, marketing, business and finances; improving the communication in their mother and English languages; improving their ability to work in a team and individually; raising their civic activity through involving them into activities for reforming the policies related to supporting the youth business initiatives in local, regional and national level.